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Shoulder Surgery

The shoulder is an incredible joint that allows almost 360 degrees of motion through the coordination of multiple muscle groups. The shoulder is the link of the arm to the body. Because there is such a great amount of motion that depends primarily on soft tissue constraints, injuries can commonly occur. Trauma to the shoulder will cause ligament and tendon injuries. Shoulder surgery may be indicated in the treatment of some injuries.

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How Can Reconstructive Orthopaedics Help?

Reconstructive Orthopaedics has extensive experience in diagnosing shoulder conditions, providing treatment, and performing shoulder surgery to treat a variety of shoulder issues.

When a shoulder dislocates, due to a high-energy force, the cartilage and ligament structures around the joint will tear. In patients under the age of 40, shoulder surgery to repair the injury will be necessary. This is known as an arthroscopic Bankart repair to restore stability to the shoulder.
Overhead activities such as throwing, tennis or painting can injure another structure in the joint called the superior labrum. This injury is specifically called a SLAP tear. Most SLAP tears fail non-operative treatment, but can be fixed with arthroscopic surgery.

When a chronic tendonitis of the shoulder, known as shoulder impingement syndrome, does not improve with physical therapy or a steroid injection, shaving away the sharp front edge of the acromion bone will relieve pain. This bone can apply pressure to the rotator cuff and produce pain. An arthroscopic subacromial decompression will give the tendon more room in the shoulder and allow resolution of the chronic tendonitis.

Sometimes the rotator cuff will tear causing symptoms as minor as pain to severe pain and weakness.  The rotator cuff is the most common tendon in the body to tear. The rotator cuff will tear because of normal wear and tear.  Sometimes a fall or specific injury will cause the tear. Arthroscopic rotator cuff repairs are the standard of care now and the surgeons at ROI can perform this procedure.

Arthritic conditions of the collar bone joint (known as the AC joint) at the shoulder will sometimes be addressed with surgery, as well, when NSAID's and steroid injections fail to relieve pain. By shaving and removing a small amount of bone from the end of the collar bone with an arthroscopy, the pain can be relieved. This shoulder surgery is known as an arthroscopic Mumford procedure.

A separated shoulder, known as an AC joint separation, is a traumatic injury that causes the clavicle to protrude upwards. This painful injury will heal with rest in minor cases, but will require repair of the ligament with shoulder surgery for higher degree injuries. The AC joint repair can be repaired with traditional open surgery or arthroscopically.

Trauma to the shoulder and arm can also cause fractures to occur. Most commonly the collar bone (clavicle) will break from a hard fall. Most of these injuries heal with a simple sling for a month. However, some of the more serious collar bone fractures are fixed with surgery to apply a plate and screws. Breaks of the humerus bone can be treated in a similar fashion as the collar bone fracture. Occasionally a severe fracture of the shoulder joint in an elderly patient will require a shoulder replacement.

If you are experiencing problems with your shoulder, it is essential to see an orthopedic professional as soon as possible for proper diagnosis and treatment. The orthopedic surgeons at Reconstructive Orthopaedics will assess your shoulder condition, and provide you with the best course of treatment or shoulder surgery.

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While there is no substitute for the evaluation of a qualified medical professional, we encourage our patients to educate themselves in our Patient Education Center. Browse our library of shoulder surgery information, frequently asked questions about shoulder conditions, and news about shoulder surgery and related topics.

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