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Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Arthroscopy is a general term that means a small incision is made at a joint and a pencil-thin instrument is inserted into the joint to visualize the structures. The joint is filled with sterile saline and images from the arthroscope are seen on a video monitor. Excellent clarity and acuity is possible with modern arthroscopic equipment. When the knee is injured and has internal damage that is not responding to nonsurgical treatments, arthroscopic knee surgery is an excellent minimally invasive way to resolve the problem.

How Can Reconstructive Orthopaedics Help?

Reconstructive Orthopaedics understands the complexity of the knee and has extensive experience in arthroscopic knee surgery. Our team is committed to providing you with the highest degree of orthopedic care, and welcomes the opportunity to serve you. The knee that is catching, locking, painful and swollen is commonly seen in the exam rooms at Reconstructive Orthopaedics. This is because knee pain is the number one reason why patients come to our office.

Many common and everyday knee injuries can lead to conditions like meniscal tears. A meniscus tear is a tear to the shock absorption cartilage that is in the knee. The meniscus is a rubbery cartilage tissue that is between the femur and tibia that cushions and stabilizes the two boney surfaces. The meniscus unfortunately can get pinched and torn in twisting injuries of the knee. Sometimes the meniscus will slowly deteriorate and develop degenerative tears that occur silently. One day, a patient may notice pain and swelling in the knee and not have a specific injury to relate to the condition. This is a very common scenario.

The meniscal tear can easily be treated with arthroscopy commonly known as a "knee scope". The injured knee will often undergo evaluation with an MRI scan. This will definitively show the surgeon if there is a tear. The surgeon will review treatment options that are modified to the patient needs. If the meniscus is torn, it will very often need surgery.

The meniscus commonly is shaved and trimmed of the loose fragments and edges during the knee arthroscopy. If the meniscus is torn in a way that is amenable to a meniscal repair, this can also be performed arthroscopically with small meniscal suture devices that are available now. The decision about repair versus removal will be made only during surgery by the surgeon once the injury is seen arthroscopically. The operation typically lasts 30 minutes and patients go home on crutches the same day. Physical therapy is commonly needed to ensure the best outcome.

Other conditions that are well treated by knee arthroscopy are chondromalacia, loose bodies, ACL tears, OCD lesions, patella instability and patella pain.

When knee pain and problems interfere with your ability to live normally, you should see a qualified orthopedic professional as soon as possible for proper diagnosis and treatment. The orthopedic surgeons at Reconstructive Orthopaedics are ready to assess your condition and determine if arthroscopic knee surgery is necessary.

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While there is no substitute for the evaluation of a qualified medical professional, we encourage our patients to educate themselves in our Patient Education Center. Browse our library of arthroscopic surgery information, frequently asked questions about knee conditions, and news about arthroscopic knee surgery and related topics.

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