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Hip Arthroscopy

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Do you have hip pain, but have been told you do not need a hip replacement?

What do you do about debilitating pain when nonsurgical treatments are not working? Hip pain is a difficult problem for many patients. There are many reasons for pain in the hip area. Low back and spinal conditions are responsible for the vast majority of pain that is located in the back of the pelvis and hip area. Pain that is in the front of the hip or the groin area is usually coming from the hip joint. In the past, when x-rays looked normal and someone had groin pain, they were told to live with the pain and come back if they developed arthritis of the hip. Now, there is hip arthroscopy to address many conditions of the hip that do not get better with typical nonsurgical treatments like NSAIDs or physical therapy. By looking into the hip arthroscopically, surgeons can now perform many complicated procedures that were not possible before the advent of hip arthroscopy.

How Can Reconstructive Orthopaedics Help?

Hip arthroscopy is not performed by all orthopedic surgeons. It is a time consuming procedure and technically demanding operation. Dr. Kevin Shaw of Reconstructive Orthopaedics has been performing hip arthroscopy for over 10 years and is experienced in all procedures concerning hip arthroscopy.

Common conditions in the hip that will be amenable to hip arthroscopy include labral tears, cam impingement and pincer impingement.  Another name for the pinching pain in the front of the hip is femoral acetabular impingement (FAI). Loose bodies in the hip joint can be removed and some hip tendonopathies can be treated. Impingement of the hip has become better understood in the last few years. When extra bone at the edge of the hip socket (acetabulum) pinches the ball (femoral head), pain is caused. The same pain in the groin can occur when the femoral head becomes thickened or prominent at the periphery. The extra bone on the femoral head will pinch the labrum on the acetabulum and cause a tear. In hip arthroscopy surgery, the bone can be smoothed and trimmed thereby removing the pinching effect. This is known as an arthroscopic hip decompression. When the rim of cartilage is repaired to the edge of the acetabulum, it is called an arthroscopic hip labral repair.

Hip surgery can lead to excellent outcomes when performed by experienced experts, like the orthopedic surgeons at Reconstructive Orthopaedics. Our team will administer an effective and comprehensive treatment plan, assuring you of the highest level of care and getting you back to your normal activities.

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