Amazing Comebacks Start Here

  • Heather began to experience pain in her right hip in March of 2013. She visited three different orthopedic specialists who all told her there was really nothing wrong with her hip and that they could not help her. Frustrated, she visited Dr. Shaw Read More...

  • Myron tore the ACL in his right knee playing high school basketball in 1955. He continued to play for years after high school wearing a brace and enduring the pain. His left knee began to cause Read More...

  • Florence was going down steps earlier this year when her leg gave out, causing her to fall down awkwardly. She was experiencing quite a bit of pain in her hip and leg, so she visited her family doctor Read More...

  • During her daily skating practices, 11 year-old Oliva began to experience pain in her landing leg, especially during her jump routines. She visited a physical therapist who determined Read More...

  • Sue was attempting to reel in a large king salmon while fly fishing on the Pier Marquette River in Michigan, when she felt something give in her shoulder. She tried to pull the fish into the boat Read More...

  • In 2004, Donna was hanging from a zip line attached to her son’s tree house when she fell in her bare feet onto some tools lying on the ground, shattering her leg, ankle and foot. Read More...

  • As a result of being a very active person, the excessive use over time had caused damage to Joe’s knees. Gradually his knees had become more and more painful Read More...

  • Diana was a very active marathon runner over the years, but it had taken a heavy toll on her knees. She was suffering from osteonecrosis of the femoral condial, which was limiting her activity and causing discomfort. Then she visited Dr. Langenderfer in June of 2010. Read More...

  • An outdoor person at heart, Sondra fell off of a raft severing her rotator cuff. She was in substantial pain when she visited Dr. Shaw. Read More...

  • After years of playing competitive softball, Duane had torn his meniscus cartilage and damaged the surrounding cartilage tissue, finally tearing his Anterior Cruciate Ligament. When Duane visited Dr. Autry in February of 2008, his “quality of life” was being severely compromised by his injured knee. Read More...



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